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We employ only experienced Certified and Licensed appraisers. We DO NOT use trainees nor unlicensed employees on any stage of the report (not even for photographs). Every appraiser processes each report from start to finish. We do not assign part of the work to others like many appraisal firms. The appraiser who signed the report is the appraiser who actually performed the appraisal. (Including: Research, making appoinments, personal inspection, sketching, photography, report preparation, and final conclusion - from start to finish). We are proud of our work and stand behind every single order, every step of the way!

We have no holidays or vacations. Every day is a working day.

Your orders will never be left unattended and you will always be able to get a status update.

We use all the latest and most advanced technology tools like digital cameras, laser distance measurers, the latest computers with broadband access, EDI capabilities for online PDF e-mail delivery, advanced appraisal software, such as ACI, WinApex, AreaCalc and more. We subscribe to multiple MLS systems and data service providers for access not only to public records, but also photographs, descriptions and details about the subject, comparables, as well as market conditions and trends.

Our reports are usually undergo quality assurance review before submitted to minimize errors or issues.

    Our greatest assets are our people and the principles for which they, and the corporation, stand. For more than 10 years, our people have earned the trust of customers by providing honest, caring and helpful service.
    Our people are guided by several core principles:
  • We value and respect our customers, for without them we would not exist.
  • We treat our customers fairly and ethically, as we would like to be treated.
  • We listen to our customers and help them with their financial needs.
  • We adhere to the highest ethical standards.
  • We commit to good corporate citizenship through active community involvement.
  • We recognize that our good name, and the trust that our customers place in us, is something we must earn everyday.

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