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We exclusively work with Appraisal Management Companies (AMC) or institutional Lenders either directly or indirectly. We appraise: Residential Single Family, Condominium, Townhouses for traditional assignments like Exterior, and Desktop Orders. We also perform work for recent, Hybrid products. We also accept orders for Asset Valuations, REO Appraisals, Property Condition Inspections (PCI) (Damage/repair reports), and Post Disaster Inspections (PDI).

Our Property Data Collection service is performed in compliance with Fannie Mae's Value Acceptance & Property Data program, and Freddie Mac's ACE+ PDR solution by employing Fannie Mae's standard Property Data Application Programming Interface (API) to collect data and images consistently. The process encourages the use of emerging technologies to capture property information, imagery, and floor plans that costs less, save time and provide universal GSE Integration for expedient processing for Hybrid, Flex, and Completion Reports among others. For this product our appraiser only collects data outside the capacity of an appraiser and the work complies with the Property Data Collector Independence Requirements (PDCIR) set forth standards to safeguard the independence, objectivity, and impartiality of property data collectors and other Independent Parties throughout the property data collection process. The PDC is not responsible for AMC's app or app provider errors and is simply following standard instructions/procedures.

Prepere your Borrower for the appraisal

Coverage Areas

    NORTHERN CALIFORNIA COVERAGE for Property Data Collection (By County/Zip-code)
  • Alameda: Full Coverage, except for non-covered zip-codes: 94550,94551,94566,94568,94586,94588.
  • Contra Costa: Coverage for zip-codes: 94801, 94802, 94804, 94805, 94806, 94530 for the standard fee. Additional $100 for zip-codes: 94803,94547,94564,94572,94525.
  • San Francisco: Full Coverage for the standard fee. Additional $100 for urban, high-traffic, and minimal parking areas with zip-codes: 94103,94109,94123,94133. (94102,94158,94104,94105,94108,94111 are not covered).
  • San Mateo: Full Coverage for the standard fee. Additional $100 for remote/rural with zip-codes: 94018,94019,94020,94021,94060,94062,94074.

    NORTHERN CALIFORNIA COVERAGE for Traditional Products (By County/Zip-code)
  • San Mateo: Belmont 94002, Daly City 94015, Millbrae 94030, Pacifica 94044, Redwood City 94063, San Bruno 94066, South San Francisco 94080, San Mateo 94401, 94402, 94403, Foster City 94404.

    Fees vary depending on the complexity of the assignment, and Client / AMC requirements.

    Standard Fees
  • PDC add-ons:
    - Hand-drawn Floorplans & Notes $50. Includes a Draft Floorplan with Room Labels, and two reference measurements as shown here, and details / narrative that may not be possible to be included on the stock app. For Floorplan to Scale +$25 (up to 1000sf) as shown here, (+$25 per every additional 500sf and +$25 per accessory building/ADU).
    - Comparable Photos $25. Includes five Comparable Photos within 1 mile of the subject not separated by canyons, rivers, lakes, or other natural or man-made barriers.
    • The above fees assume that the options are requested with the original assignment. If they are requested after the original visit, a trip fee will apply even if the photos/floorplan are from the PDC's personal workfile with no revisit required.
    • Driving Fees: The PDC may either request a fee increase for additional milage, toll, and parking fees among others, or request an add-on "Complexity fee", depending on AMC procedures.
    • If the PDC is asked to go back to the subject property due to app issues, errors, or shortfalls that are not fault of the PDC, a reinspection / trip fee will apply (together with driving fees if applicable).

  • 1004D / Update or Certificate Completion $150. (Value update is only available if the appraiser completed the original assignment).
  • Trip-fee $50.
  • Community Amenity Photos $25. Applicable only if the order requires original amenity photos.
  • Property Condition Inspections (PCI) (Damage/repair reports) $150.
  • Post Disaster Inspections (PDI) $150.

    Our fees are for typical assignments and may change for added complexity. If the appraiser finds unexpected surprises upon arrival, he reserves the right to request another fee increase for the additional work. If the appraiser finds dramatic surprises, he may decline the assignment for a trip fee, or for $100, he can provide a statement of his findings together with photos.

Turnaround Time
Turnaround time is typically 1 to 2 days after inspection for traditional products, and same day delivery for PDC. Inspection date for interior orders depends on borrower or tenant availability and cooperation for access to the property. We highly advise all service providers to provide us with valid appointment-contact phone numbers and email addresses.

Report Delivery
Appraisal Reports for Institutional Lenders and AMC's are sent electronically via eServices, EDI, WebPortal, or by Email (PDF or XML). Some PDC orders may be submitted on site upon completion. We do not mail or hand deliver reports.

Archived reports are available to the original client for $25 each. We do not "transfer" reports. Report reassignments to another client (even if its the same client with a new name) are to be considered a new order for the full fee.

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